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New Semester Working Conference

On August 30th, the International Students' College held a new semester working conference. The meeting was hosted by Cai Yu, Dean of the International Students' College.

Cai Yu announced the school's notice on the appointment and dismissal of Comrade Shao Xiujuan, and appointed her as the deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office and the vice dean of the International Students' College.

Cai Yu emphasized that the International Student College would still put the enrollment work in the first place this semester. The general leadership of the college will be responsible for enrolling students and assisting all the staff to complete the expected goals. In terms of teaching management, Chinese teachers should actively explore teaching reforms, enrich the content of the classroom, and effectively improve the quality of teaching. At the same time, we must take into account the management of students, and understand and master the life dynamics and learning of students.

The meeting clarified the basic work content of this semester and the development direction of the college, which laid the foundation for the future development of the International Students College.